Supply List
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The following is a list of school supplies we need to help further the
enrichment of our students. These are community items which will
be shared by everyone (except for the jump drives and headphones).
Students may also bring their own set of personal supplies to keep in their pencil bags if they wish. 
The following grades
are responsible for these items:

***All students will need a 1'' 3 ring binder and a pencil bag that clips into the binder.  (No pencil boxes)*** 

3rd Graders
Ear Buds, jump drive, (1) 24 pack of Crayons, 1 pack of notebook paper
4th Graders
Colored Copy Paper, 1 pack of Glue Sticks, 1 pack of broadline markers
5th Graders
Construction Paper, Clorox wipes, (1) 24 pack of colored pencils
6th Graders
1 pack of copy paper, 1 pack of fine tip markers, 1 roll of paper towels


The Gifted Children's Bill of Rights